About Us

Who Are We?

We are NOT a staffing company that works in manufacturing. We are manufacturing people solving staffing problems.

We exist to solve manufacturing problems caused by labor shortages, lack of expertise, poor leadership and bandwidth issues.

We provide experienced manufacturing employees and onsite leadership to address each of these gaps for you.

Most importantly, we move at the speed of manufacturing. We understand every second of downtime is costing you resources, so we take that level of urgency to heart when we are out hunting.

Our Mission

Swiftemp's mission is to positively impact the lives of manufacturing people. We do this by providing operational support to manufacturers. We understand the unique staffing and operational challenges in the MFG industry because we have been right where you are. And we are committed to delivering customized solutions that address those challenges head-on. We believe in being responsive, reliable, and results-driven, and we strive to form long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust, integrity, and mutual success.

What We Offer

We work with manufacturing companies who need help solving the 4 main problems all manufacturers face: finding quality team members, effective leadership, bandwidth to get things done and subject matter expertise.

Our approach is very straightforward in that we work with our clients to determine what they need and then we work aggressively to tailor a solution that supports them moving forward. Most of our clients choose a temporary to hire model, however some plant leaders want to keep a staff of flexible workers to help mitigate rising and falling demands. This allows our customers to have flexibility and agile reaction times to changing market conditions. We help our customers staff for all of their personnel needs from part-time to executive leadership.

Additionally, being a customer of Swiftemp brings a mountain of potential additional value. When you partner with Swiftemp, you are also plugged into The Effective Syndicate (TES). This gives you access to several high value additional services.

  1. On-Site Operations Leader

  2. Discounted Direct Placement Recruiting

  3. Discounted Lean Six Sigma training

  4. Discounted Leadership Development

  5. Discounted Coaching and Consulting

We work with our clients to define or refine the “Clarity” of what the client needs to get done, and then we tailor our system to support that need. Each client is facing different situations, so each solution is tailored differently.

What Makes Swiftemp Different

We are not a staffing agency that works in manufacturing. We are manufacturing people who support our clients, not only in staffing, but in how to run more effectively.

If you need staff augmentation or placements, we come on-site, walk your plant, and seek to understand your process - in order to find the best matches for the position; not just for skillsets but for the best "cultural fit" as well.

We truly seek to understand your business and partner with you to solve your unique challenges. With our flexible, innovative solutions, you can easily adapt to the changing market conditions while improving your overall performance AND reduce your stress so you can sleep better at night.

See Swiftemp for Yourself

Schedule a demo to find out how we can get your manufacturing operation to the next level.

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